European Peace Campaign Summer 2017 [part two]

“let them turn away from evil and do good; let them seek peace and pursue it.”

(1 Peter 3:11)


NCCK continues the Peace Campaign in our second week. Despite experiencing rainy weather, lodging mix ups, and passport problems we continue to tell our story of peace in the Korean peninsula being the first step to peace in the world.


World Communion of Reformed Churches (Leipzig, Germany): July 2-3

The NCCK along with the Korean Christian Federation in North Korea were able to join together for a special Agape Luncheon arranged by the WCRC for the promotion of peace in the Korean peninsula. It was a moving service for all who attended to witness KCF and NCCK delegates participate in communion and worship side by side. In his sermon during the communion service, Rev. Kang Myung Chul, the chair of the KCF stressed that the churches in the North and South must be the agencies of peace-making in spite of all barriers and obstacles. Rev. Kim Young Ju gave brief greetings talking about the importance of having a peace treaty in the Korean peninsula, and Dr. Suh Bohyug spelled out the contents of peace treaty articles drafted by the NCCK.


Taize Community (Taize, France): July 4

NCCK traveled to France to learn more about the spirituality in the Taize Community. Brother Alois, Prior of Taize, told us that many young people seem to be attracted by the spirituality of simplicity, humbleness and sharing in the Taize community. He shared about their involvement in the peace works and humanitarian initiatives for Syrian refugees. Brother Alois also shared that they have been able to send humanitarian aid to North Korea and will continue to do so as long as they are able. Before leaving the community, NCCK had the opportunity to participate in the evening prayer service with Brother Alois giving a special prayer for peace in Korea.


World Council of Churches (Geneva, Switzerland): July 6

The NCCK delegation had an opportunity to learn more about the life and mission of the WCC, specifically their Youth Engagement programs, Ecumenical Theological Education programs, and the Justice and Peace Pilgrimage program. NCCK spoke more with Dr. Peter Prove giving more of an update on the progress of the campaign. The NCCK delegation discussed with Dr. Martin Robra how WCC and NCCK can contribute to peace-building in the Northeast Asia through the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace 2019 that will focus on the Korean peninsula.


World Alliance of YMCA (Geneva, Switzerland): July 6

On the last day, NCCK met with World Alliance YMCA Secretary General, Rev. Johan Vilhelm Eltvik. He spoke specifically about the new direction YMCA is moving toward that includes a space for justice and peace advocacy works. It was a brief meeting but powerful nonetheless.



European Peace Campaign Summer 2017 [part one]

“guide our feet into the way of peace” – Luke 1:79

This summer, the National Council of Churches in Korea journeyed across Europe on a Peace Campaign. Starting from June 25th through July 7th, 23 delegates from NCCK traveled together to speak about a peace treaty ending the Korean War and reconciling the Korean peninsula. We strongly believe that world peace can begin with peace in Korea.


It was an amazing experience to be a part of this group for two weeks and to see the support from international partners, new and long-established. Living in Korea it has been easy for me to know the importance of reunification and peace in the peninsula and by working with NCCK that awareness is doubled. Once leaving Korea, I imagined other countries would not be as concerned. I’m glad I was wrong. Between the rising tensions between the U.S. administration and North Korea and the new President in South Korea and the deployment of THAAD, politically the environment is charged.The world is engaged with the future of the Korean peninsula, and I am honored to be a witness to NCCK’s voice leading, in many ways, the conversation toward peace.


The Methodist Church in Britain General Conference (Birmingham, UK): June 26


NCCK was invited by the Council of World Mission to share about the Peace Campaign at the Methodist Church in Britain’s General Conference. Dr. Lee Moonsook presented on women’s involvement in the peace movement noting the significant events women have led on the border of North and South Korea. She also spoke on the difference between “peacekeeping”, the action of keeping the current structures in place, and “peacemaking”, the action of creating change and new spaces for peace to exist. She urged everyone to be peacemakers. The NCCK delegates heard the stories of pain and struggle from Mexico and Rwanda.  Fr. Kim Hyun Ho and Rev. Jeong Song Si led the evening prayer service with the theme “Let The Walls Come Tumbling Down”.


House of Lords (London, UK): June 27

NCCK met with The Reverend Dr. Lord Leslie Griffiths at the House of Lords in London and had the opportunity to share about the issues that threaten peace on the Korean peninsula. Dr. Noh Jongsun shared his personal struggles during the Korean War after being separated from his family living in the North. He stresses that technically the Korean peninsula is still at war as the Korean War-engaged states have not signed a peace treaty. He concluded that the peace treaty is an absolute “No” to another war in the Korean peninsula and at the same time a cornerstone for a permanent peace system in Korea. Lord Griffiths expressed a great interest in supporting NCCK’s peace efforts saying perhaps instead of waiting for several others to support the peace movement he should “listen to the lone voice in the wilderness” and support NCCK in their work toward peace. He also expressed his willingness to release an official statement supporting peace in Korea.



Korean War Memorial (Linlithgow, Scotland): June 28

NCCK participated in a moving service at the Korean War Memorial in Linlithgow, Scotland. Dr. Lee Unsunn led the service together with Rev. Scott Marshall praying for the lives that were affected by the Korean War. The Korean War veterans who served in the war from Scotland attended the service dressed in their uniforms along with the Mayer and the lord-lieutenant of West Lothian. NCCK planted a tree with a plaque reading, “This tree is planted in hope for healing and reconciliation; for all who died and were wounded, and for all who continue to suffer because of division on the Korean peninsula.”




Meeting with Church of Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland): June 29

NCCK had a deep discussion session with leaders of the  Church of Scotland at the Murrayfield Parish Church Hall at Edinburgh. NCCK presented on the history of peace efforts in Korea and the crucial importance of working toward a peace treaty in the Korean peninsula. At this time, more than ever, peace is necessary and possible with South Korea’s new president. Following the presentation there was an open discussion on how might the stories of pain and suffering of the divided people in the Korean peninsula be shared with the constituency of the Church of Scotland.




A Day Conference with EKD (Frankfurt, Germany): June 30

A full-day conference on the Korea peace treaty was organized by the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD). Rev. Jeon Yong Ho and Dr. Yi Kiho spoke about the reunification movement of the Korean churches in general and the peace treaty campaign in particular. The EKD shared the stories about the division Germany experienced when the East was separated from the West. The conference participants were divided into four groups and shared their views and stories of how the two counties can learn from each other on the journey towards peace and justice. Rev. Reinhard Kiersten, an EKD minister reflected on German reunification and stressed that “reunification is a must, taking into consideration of the division cost and the threat of war.” The German delegation also spelled out that securing the social welfare system and improving human rights are substantial to the process towards reunification.



Please read about the second half of our European Peace Campaign in part two!

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Warm greetings from NCC-Korea.

On March 10, 2017, the Constitutional Court of Korea shared its decision to uphold President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment.This is a monumental moment in our history that shows the strength of Korean people and the power we hold to make change.

We are hopeful with the ruling and recognize that this is an opportunity for the South Korean government to unite with Korean people to better serve our nation and Northeast Asia toward a time of peace.

We, The National Council of Churches in Korea, appreciate your great support for justice and peace in Korean society. However, we still have issues on justice and peace, not only in South Korea but also in the global sphere.

One of the greatest issue we are now facing is the deployment of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system.Korean government brought THAAD from the U.S. military. Because of the deployment of THAAD, the tension between China and South Korea is mounting. China has begun a boycott of Korean products in China and the Chinese government is apprehensive about their military operations being monitored. North Korea also announced that they have prepared the nuclear weapon due to the deployment of THAAD. People living in the Sungju village where THAAD is being placed are now living in terror of being attacked. Furthermore, the village is the holy place of Won Buddhism and they are fighting against the deployment.

NCCK deeply sympathizes with their pain and suffering and stand in solidarity with Won Buddhist against THAAD. We are also against the deployment of THAAD and nuclear weapon in North Korea. Nuclear weapons are terrifying Koreans with the threat of a nuclear war and we want peace for the Korean peninsula. In these circumstances, NCCK decided to send a letter to the U.S. President Donald Tramp to remove THAAD from South Korea. Please pray for peace and justice on Korean peninsula.

If you would like to join NCCK in asking President Trump to remove THAAD we ask your denomination and institution to also send a letter to the U.S. government opposing THAAD in solidarity with NCCK


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~ Below is the letter sent to the President Donald Trump from NCCK~



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President Donald Trump 
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

March 9, 2017

Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the National Council of Churches (NCCK), I bring the warmest greetings to you in the name of God of Peace.

The National Council of Churches in Korea wishes to express our concern with the growing tensions on the Korean peninsula. For over sixty years since the signing of the armistice agreement, the people of the Korean peninsula have lived in fear of war breaking out again in an instant. Where President Obama had failed using “strategic patience” you have the chance to either succeed in negotiation or on the other hand to bring disaster upon us.

Especially we worry now as the THAAD missile defence system has arrived in South Korea, and North Korea has fired off four missiles in response. We fear the tensions have risen higher than they have been in decades. We ask you to move now. Turn back these steps toward war, and take up a successful strategy for denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.

We have heard your administration is considering a pre-emptive strike on North Korea as one of your options. We urge you to take this off the table, as it would guarantee an all out war. In this current situation of upheaval around South Korea’s presidency and impeachment process, ruling party members are clamoring more loudly for South Korea to obtain its own nuclear weapons. All of these actions take us closer to open battle. Turning the Korean peninsula into a battlefield again would ensure our annihilation.

We ask you to seek dialogue with North Korea immediately to decrease tensions. Dialogue is the only way toward de-escalation and convincing the North that their immediate survival is not at stake and does not depend on military defense.

For the sake of our continued existence we call upon you to enter into dialogue and turn Northeast Asia away from what might begin a new world war.


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